Stork Delivering Baby - with frame

Stork Delivering Baby  - with frame
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D571F WA-17

Here is a very beautiful handmade tile. The image is a reproduction of a tile originally produced by the JG Low Art Tile Co. of Chelsea., MA., circa 1883. I've been told it is based on a German fairy tale - but I can't find the reference myself. Wherever the inspiration came from, everyone can relate - A baby sitting gingerly on the back of a stork - perhaps being flown to it's "new home"? The tile measures 6 7/8" long x 5" high, and is glazed in a rich fern green crackle glaze. Print out the name of a newly arrived baby on a transparent label, and this makes a one-of-a-kind baby gift - add this beautifull hand-made white oak frame and this tile truly deserves to be hung in a place of honour!

This tile is available in all glaze options, but details are best highlighted in the WA gloss series.