Etsy Site
Here in my Etsy shop you'll find gift tiles and ceramic musings that I make in my own "mini-studio", separate from the tile works. All carving and glaze formulating is done by me - so I hope you enjoy my work - the artist behind the business. Linda Ellett

"She's So Clever"
Linda's Blog, started January, 2009. I've titled my blog "She's so clever" in honour of my Aunt Ruth, someone who always commented on the crafty little things I made when I was a kid. I have always had to make's just what I do. And I suppose that's mainly what this blog will be about. That and my family, favorite music, artists, events.....stay tuned if you're so inclined.

Tile Heritage Foundation
The Tile Heritage Foundation, founded in 1987 as a nonprofit charitable organization, is dedicated to promoting an awareness and appreciation of ceramic surfaces in the United States.

Wendy Ide Williams, Paintings and Fine Ceramics
Wendy's work intersects the layering of surface movement and gesture with her interest in the iconography of memory. She works intuitively to decode how her memory moves paint and how that movement creates the image.

Arthur Osborne's "Plastic Sketches"
Here is a bit of history on a exhibit featuring one of our greatest inspirations here at L'esperance Tile. There are some wonderful details of tile art that Osborne created for the Low Art Tile Works.